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How We Engrave

How are the glasses engraved?
We almost exclusively use sandblasting, which is the premier method for engraving glass. Sandblasting produces a deep, permanent mark, and it allows for great flexibility in design. It produces the best result of all the available engraving methods. For some designs (such as spirals and base engravings), however, we use a laser engraving technology.

How does the sandblasted engraving method work?
With this method, an individual film mask is made and hand applied to each glass, which is then “blasted” in a cabinet by a high pressure stream of air and abrasive (sand). The mask protects the glass areas that will remain clear, while the abrasive etches away the glass in the areas to be engraved. The result is an elegant, deep, and even mark on the glass.

Is the engraving permanent?
Yes. It is carved into the glass, and unlike screenprinted glasses, the engraving will never wash, chip, or wear off.

What about your wood, marble, and terra cotta products? Are those sandblasted too?
For our other products such as wood, marble, and terra cotta, we use laser engraving. With the laser engraving method, the mark is made by the heat of the laser which is focused on the surface of the item. Laser engravings are also permanent, and the laser is computer-controlled. This allows for great detail in the engravings.

How much detail can my design have?
Both engraving methods, sandblasting and laser engraving, can produce extremely intricate results. With both methods, the designs are created on a computer graphics program, so anything that can be set up in black and white on a computer screen can be replicated on the item to be engraved.

Are there any limitations with engraving?
The primary limitation is color. While engraved glass has a more elegant appearance and is permanently marked, it is limited to the frosted white color of etched glass. Therefore, artwork or images that we use for engraving work best if they are single color images without shading. If you are interested in having glasses decorated with color, consider our screenprinted options. Please contact us if you have any questions!

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